BLUE TAXI takes their listeners on a ride thru
the musical valleys of blues and roots rock and roll.

These veterans have opened up shows for
John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, The Yardbirds,
Eric Burdon, ZZ Topp, Steve Miller, Kim Wilson,
Wishbone Ash, Chicago, The Doobie Brothers,
Duke Robillard and Robert Lockwood Jr.,
to name a few.

With several CD's to their credit,
BLUE TAXI's music has been heard on
the Discovery Channel and ESPN2.

The band has received numerous awards such as
BLUES BAND OF THE YEAR (Scene Magazine),
and BEST BLUES BAND (Sound of Blue Music).

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In Loving Memory of my brother
Bob Capuano
May 25, 1955 - October 29, 2007
My brother Bob Capuano, BLUE TAXI Drummer, passed away Monday, October 29, 2007.

Bob was diagnosed in February of 2007 with a rare form of inoperable cancer,
Mesothelioma of the peritineum. He started feeling bad in November of 2006 and went to
numerous doctors and they finally figured out what was going on in February. Throughout
this ordeal Bob kept his positive attitude and did everything and more to fight it. We did
not mention any of this to anyone because that is how Bob wanted it because he was a
proud man who didn't want to call attention to himself.

Bob was not only my brother but he was also my best friend. He always looked out for me.
I was fortunate enough to write & play music with him since 1979. There was never any
drummer I ever thought about playing with, he was the Best. He was the one who
influenced me in every facet of my life and especially in my guitar playing. He knew what I
was going to play at the gigs without me even looking at him. That is a truly special bond
that I will always cherish. I feel blessed to have been able to play music with my brother
and best friend.

Anyone who knew him liked him because he was an honest, sincere, genuine, caring person
who would do anything for you. I always said he should have been a motivational speaker
because he would have been Great at it.

We were able to play out between April & September of 2007 and did some great gigs. We
recorded a new Blue Taxi CD in 2006 and were going to release it in early 2007 but we held
off because of all that was going on. It is available now on our website.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the musical journey with us. We did a lot of Great gigs
since Blue Taxi was formed in 1987. We got to open up shows for a lot of our biggest
influences. Bob was the heart and soul of the band and we always had a blast and enjoyed
every minute of it.

Bill Capuano 10/30/07

The collage was created by my daughter and given to her "Godfather" Uncle Bob
one week before his death, Bob loved it.

It turned out so nice we thought everyone would like to see it.

Thanks to Mark Borchik and Denny 'Muskie' Musgrove for taking the pictures she used to
create it.