"Blue Taxi turned in another great performance on the SCENE stage. They were a far
better pairing for Z.Z. Topp than Loverboy could ever be. The quartet are easily on top in
the blues rock genre in Cleveland.They offered 13 items and shined brightest on "The
Axe Is Gonna Fall" and "Blues Avenue." Once again guitarist Bill "Cap" Capuano did a
brilliant job. He can shred. He can play with finesse. He can play like Hendrix or Vaughn
or like nobody else you've ever heard before.
He is a guitar legend waiting to be
introduced to the rest of the world."
- Lee Barrish, SCENE 7/97 - Blossom Review: Z.Z.Topp/Loverboy Show

"Also sounding damn good were Cleveland's own Blue Taxi, who turned in yet another
great set up at Rock-N-Play Stage.
The band stuck mainly to stuff from it's current release, THE METER'S RUNNING.
The best of the show was "The Axe Is Gonna Fall," but a brilliant cover of the Beatles'
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" ran a very close second."
- Lee Barrish, SCENE 7/96 Blossom Review: Steve Miller/Pat Benatar

"Blue Taxi's energized, electrified-blues helped melt away the rain, and set the
evening's tone as another quality act."
- Jim Rothgery, SCENE 7/95 - Blossom Review: Steve Miller/Doobie Bros. Show

"Opening the show was Blue Taxi, who performed a five-song set of original & cover
material which featured the fabulous guitar work of Bill "Cap" Capuano. The guitarist
displayed a unique style and overt command of his instrument, playing both blues and
jazz, simultaneously. Accompanying were vocalist/keyboardist Theresa Capuano (Bob's
wife) and drummer Bob Capuano (Cap's brother). Together, they provided an exciting
opening act for the Burdon/Auger show."
- Alan Simon, SCENE 11/93 - Agora Review: Eric Burdon/Brian Auger Show

"Opening honors for the night were handled admirably by the blues-rock band Blue Taxi.
Prior to their taking the stage, the chatter running all through the crowd was that Blue
Taxi have a guitarist that is supposedly the second coming of Stevie Ray Vaughn. When
they did hit the stage, I didn't hear anything that sounded like him. However, over the
course of their seven song set it became obvious that this well touted guitarist is good -
real good.
Full of flash, speed and skill, this guy is good enough on his own merit
without all the comparisons
- Lee Barrish, SCENE 11/92 - Agora Review: Poco Show

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